Dave McFarlane

Tracey Roberts © 2011 - 270mm x 190mm


Artist's Statement

Dave McFarlane is a great friend and colleague of mine and a consummate musician who writes really well-constructed songs and plays guitar beautifully. He also has one of the most mellow and smooth, bluesy voices I have heard - I could listen to him forever. I also have immense respect for the man as he is one of the most level-headed, knowledgeable and compassionate people I have met in the music industry with a great business head - and a good sense of humour as well. In more recent years he has become a sound-tech guru and he is my first choice as the guy behind the mixing desk at my concerts.

This piece I created as a gift for him for one of his significant birthdays - I worked from a photo of him taken performing at one of our favourite hills venues, and I incorporated all the colours I see when I hear his original songs...lots of reds and yellows and oranges - very warm colours, wth hints of the blues - and the shapes represent the complexity of his musical prowess and songwriting skills - and there are guitar shapes in there too. There is also the hint of the Wandjinas in the background, representing his long association with Burrinja Cafe in the hills where we forged our friendship.

Happy Birthday Dave.


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