Buy Me a Rose





Tracey Roberts © 2014

400mm x 282mm (1/25)
583mm x 410mm (1/25)
1000mm x 700mm (2/25)

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Artist's Statement

A few years after singer, Ron Caffyn commissioned me to do a surprise portrait piece of his pianist girlfriend, Linda O'Brien, Linda decided to surprise him back with a personal artwork for him. Wonderful fun!

Having already created "Linda", I was familiar with the style of the piece required and the process, and so I used photos of him as well to create the piece we decided to call "Buy me a Rose". Ron was also in the process of making an album and one of the songs that he sings with Linda is so named, and it seemed fitting that he should be depicted singing with a rose in one hand. There are also pieces of manuscript around his feet which represent the fact that they often perform and rehearse together. It is also no mistake that he is facing to the left, knowing that, in her piece, she is facing the right and that side by side, they are performing together.

Linda supplied me with some photos of Ron, and some of the clothes he wears and we agreed that blues were his colours so I was mindful to create a piece that included colours which would complement "Linda", knowing that the two pieces of artwork were going to be a pair and would be placed side by side in their music room.

Another lovely thing that came to mind as we were creating this piece was the idea of subtly embedding Linda's face in Ron's artwork, just as his face "appears" in hers, bonding the pieces together even further. So part of Linda's face is "hidden" in the background shapes in the piece on the bottom RHS...her smiling lips are the clue.

Ron was overjoyed to see his artwork unveiled and Linda was really thrilled with the final artwork. Together the pieces look stunning at 1m high each, side by side in their music room where they both have performances and teach other musicians and singers. Again, they requested that this piece be made into a limited edition print so it is available to purchase in various sizes - click here  to buy "Buy me a Rose".


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