Tracey Roberts © 2012 - 1000mm x 1600mm


Artist's Statement

Creating "Bloom" for Julie Parker was a real privilege. Julie asked me if I could do a commissioned piece of artwork for her about her personal journey at that time in her life and we had a long chatty coffee where she opened up and told me her story. We talked mostly about how she wanted to feel every time she looked at it and we discussed the elements she wanted in the piece. We both spent a week thinking about it, reconvened and came up with the use of symbols to represent the events which had taken place and the people in her life and how she has blossomed into the person she is today.

So Julie is the rose, emanating from a dark vortex of thorns and turmoil into a light place full of sunshine and positive energy, the aura of loved ones long gone surrounding the petals, and she is assisted by the red jacket of her now-husband. There is music and laughter, exploding happiness and brightness abounding in this piece - and having come to know her now as a friend, I see that this piece represents her journey and reflects her perfectly. When I showed it to her for the first time, she gasped. It was a wonderful and unforgettable moment for us both.

It has pride of place in her apartment above her lounge suite.


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