How to start creating Your Story in Art

The first thing we need to do is collect information about your story, so please fill in the on-line form and hit the 'submit' button at the bottom of the page. We will then make contact with you to have a chat about, payment, framing and delivery options.

Alternatively, you can call or email us so we can discuss your ideas and we'll take it from there.
* Submitting this on-line form does not obligate you in any way. It's just a starting point.

Once this online form has been submitted successfully, we will be able to discuss aspects of Your Story  in more detail.

For example...
  • We will provide you with a DropBox address so you can upload your favourite photos
  • You can also provide a photo of the room and the wall on which the art will hang
  • We can assist you in deciding on the framing and size possibilities which would look best in the space
  • Client acceptance process
  • Payment process
  • Final handover

Let's start creating the story

Please note: all the information categories with an asterisk   *  are considered important and should not be left blank.

 A significant event (eg. Birthday, Wedding or Personal Achievement)
 Life journey
 A Corporate gift (eg. Corporation journey, Staff loyalty reward or Retirement)
 A Family Heirloom (eg. Something to pass on to heirs)
 Collage of favourite things - see an example
 Fantasy - see an example
 Chronological sequence of events - see an example
 Portrait - see an example
 Musical Interpretation - see an example
 Figurative (eg. life-like / recognisable elements)
 Symbolic (eg. symbols representing ideas)
 Abstract (eg. shapes and forms)
Height (cm)   Width (cm)