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A virtual tour of the music garden and the dome gallery of visual and performing artist Tracey Roberts, a regular participant of the Dandenong Ranges Open Studios Program. See her rich, complex musically themed artwork inspired by her music-colour synesthesia, samples of her 'Your Story in Art' commissions and a selection of her Steampunk top hats - all accompanied by tasteful piano music - an improvised composition entitled 'Walking in the Forest' Ⓡ Ⓒ 2020

We believe that Your Story in Art enriches relationships and brings family and friends closer together because remembering someone is about respect and understanding, appreciation of their achievements, endurance and their passion. Everyone has a story. Let us help you produce a beautiful, unique and meaningful artwork which acknowledges yours. Your story in art.

Gift Certificates are available to purchase on-line for $50 AUD which is deducted from the final cost of the artwork. For more information please click here or you can purchase your Gift Certificate by clicking the 'Buy Now' button below.

A concept developed by Australian visual and performing artist, Tracey Roberts, who creates, with your input, a visual depiction of your own personal story encapsulated in a rich, colourful and meaningful piece of unique art that you can enjoy every day which is about everything you are, everywhere you've been and even where you want to go!

Whatever you want it to be...

Your Story in Art can be a portrait, a fantasy or collage of favourite things or something quite abstract and symbolic - a way of representing yourself in a piece of unique, personalised art ... together we choose the elements, colours and symbolism to create a custom-made, really special artwork ... and it can be anything you want - after all, it's YOUR story!

The perfect gift for...

  • that significant birthday or life event
  • that amazing and inspiring person
  • a corporate gift / work colleague leaving
  • a special family member or mentor
  • remembering someone who is gone

How it works...

It typically involves a discussion with the client about what they want, who and what it's for and what colours, style, objects, symbols, images or elements are desirable in the piece - this is usually done over a coffee (or wine...) with much laughter, joy and excitement as the reality of creating something artistic from something very personal reveals itself.

For example, it could be a stylised (and costumed) portrait of you participating in your favourite activity (or fantasy), a picture of your favourite place or possession, your house or car in a different setting, or an image which is quite abstract and symbolic and very artful. It can include your favourite colours and shapes and could be a collage of things you love, places you've been (...from a coffee cup to Paris...) or even a combination of all of the above! It's lots of fun, it's unique, meaningful and special...and only your imagination is the limit...

It can be that very special present or memory or even investment piece, and you can choose to have it be either a limited edition print or a one-off piece, framed or unframed.

Every commissioned piece of artwork comes with a complimentary Tracey Roberts music CD.

If you request it, we can also produce smaller copies and greeting cards depicting Your Story in Art , so you can share it with your friends and relatives.

We discuss the time-frame and negotiate cost and payment options based on all these factors, framing options, complexity and time - starting from as little as $650(AUD).

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What people say...

Tracey's work has been described in many different ways and consistently recieves positive feedback.

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About the artist...

For more information about the visual and performing artist, Tracey Roberts, plus her complete catalogue of art, concerts and musical works, please visit  traceyroberts.com.au


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