Living the Dream

Tracey Roberts © 2019 - 420mm x 594mm


Artist's Statement

Pam and Alan are intrepid travellers and great supporters of live music and they love hosting music concerts in their home. They wanted their own artwork to reflect a performing stage with an audience where they are, for a change, the stars of the show!

Their home is filled with colourful collectibles and memories from their travels and lots of colourful artwork in the Naïve Art style. They were quite keen for their artwork to reflect this art style to some degree and to include some of their favourite and most meaningful items. Pam is crazy about the colour green and wanted to include a lot of it across the piece. She also likes red, which is handy, as it is the natural complementary colour to green - the red and orange elements in the piece give the artwork energy and vibrancy.

Pam and Alan love their food and drink, reading, adore their cats and their beloved long time home in Glen Iris and its lush garden. Pam is sporty and into dancing and photography and Al is a handyman, into flying, fishing and cycling and loves his crosswords.

They also have a great sense of humour so one of the book collections has a whole bunch of silly ___AL titles, and Pam loved the idea of parachuting down onto the stage with a hiking boot on one foot and ski boot on the other, drinking champagne of course!

One thing is for sure – these two embrace life to the max and certainly know how to "live the dream!"


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