Blue Tango

Tracey Roberts © 2015 - 600mm x 830mm


Artist's Statement

Lynne Gough and Dave Richard are "Blue Tango" - a fun-loving jazz duo who perform regularly at festivals and a variety of venues - he plays guitar, they both sing and she plays a bunch of percussion instruments including her famous trumpet and red tambourine! Their music is playful, melodic and constantly swirling and changing tack whilst still being really easy on the ear.

Lynne and Dave wanted a vibrant, earthy and colorful piece of personalised art to represent themselves performing, surrounded by all the things they enjoy in their lives together. They love their music, their red wine and they travel regularly and enjoy their life to the fullest so it was great fun putting together their "Story in Art" which includes places of significance (Paris, the mountains, cities and island destinations). They're into snorkeling, the beach, reading and listening to great music - particularly jazz. Their pets and star signs are also represented, and also a piece of musical garden sculpture which decorates their home. It was great to listen to their CD as I was putting the design together - these are the colours they love, and the shapes of their music - they look pretty relaxed and happy because that is how they are - oh and I wasn't to forget his famous themed T-shirts and her favourite drop earrings!! They love it...and so do I.


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