Sam at 21

Tracey Roberts © 2013 - 280mm x 400mm


Artist's Statement

This piece was a surprise present for Sam's 21st - a friend of his mother's wasn't sure what he wanted and decided to ask a few other friends of Sams to see if they wanted to pitch in for a piece of personalised art for his birthday present - a perfect and unique idea for that significant event!

So she got hold of some photos and emailed them to me so I could see what he looked like and the things he was into - like footy and basketball, dancing and drumming... he loves music too so there are notes and drum beats surrounding him and the big wheel in the centre represents the steering wheel on a friend's yacht he loves to sail. We also incorporated his school emblem as that was naturally a large part of his life experience.

The colours are happy and vibrant and the piece is quite joyful, which is what many people like to feel if they are looking at a piece of art for a long time...and because it is not a large piece, we kept the number of elements to a minimum. It was also requested the style be quite recognisable.

Everyone has a story - even a 21 year old. Sam loves it!


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