Tracey Roberts © 2014 - 270mm x 450mm


Artist's Statement

weardale original
It was lovely to do a personalised landscape piece for a client - this scene was derived from an old touched-up black and white photograph taken of the back garden of a property in The Patch, not far from where I live, so I know the road and I know the house and the views behind it.

It was a Christmas present surprise for this client's wife - they were about to go and live in the UK and her grandfather used to live in The Patch (the property was called "Weardale"), and they wanted a memory of her history in Australia - a really meaningful and thoughtful gift.

They wanted the back garden represented in a beautiful and colourful way, (Springtime is always lovely - lots of flowers, butterflies and blossoms on the trees) - and a sense of place too, so the old Patch Church features in the distance. Being a musician, I always like to incorporate a musical element in my art pieces so a Crimson Rosella features in the foreground as well - they make a beautiful chirping sound and are quite prevalent in the area.

The soil up here in the hills is very rich and fertile so I love that about the piece too and there's something about that gate - I just want to walk down that path, listening to the birds, smelling the lavender, daffodils and blossoms with butterflies flitting round me ... I want to open the gate and wander into those lovely fields.


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