Sun, Sea and Snow

Tracey Roberts © 2014 - 700mm x 1000mm


Artist's Statement

This piece took quite some time - it's probably the most complex "Your Story in Art" artwork I have done. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it mind you and the client and his family really enjoyed pulling out all their photographs and sorting through them and deciding which ones were relevant to their life story.

It's essentially split into three sections from left to right - so it's almost chronological in that sense - Malaysia, where Ritchie grew up, Australia where he met his wife and they started a family and then Canada where they now live and where he started up his own company "Bits in Glass" (hence the BIG logo).

"Sun, Sea and Snow" contains all the things they are - things they love to do (swimming, skiing) as well as items representing their achievements / hobbies / interests and also places that are of importance to them. There are textures and symbols embedded there too like the embroidery from his mother's sari and snowflakes. We also incorporated some humour into this piece (personal "in-jokes" were represented by a spaceship, a pig and a plate of noodles).


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