Tracey Roberts © 2014 - 1000mm x 1000mm


Artist's Statement

The Hall family are friends of Lyn Phelan, my client with GBM (GlioBlastoma Multiforme) brain cancer, and they saw the commissioned piece I did for Lyn called "Outrunning the Reaper", loved the idea and decided that they wanted a personal piece of art for themselves as well to have in their dining room. Dining rooms are a great place to have a big piece of art, particularly if that piece is FULL of stories - and this one certainly is. Someone's "Story in Art" can create wonderful conversations around the dinner table.

The family have cats, goldfish and dogs, they love all things French and he's into sport and wine, she's into coffee, orchids and cooking. He's into trivia, computers and works in the medical field, she values her girlfriends very strongly and their daughter loves photography and making cup-cakes...they love sunny days and spa baths and the daughter's hair is very wavy so that made it too as part of a favourite scarf in the background. So there are bubbles and sunbeams permeating throughout the piece emanating from the central sun. We also have embedded in the background, Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu IV- their favourite piece of music, and the gardens of Versailles, as well as colours which match the decor of the room in which the piece is hanging. The sun shines on everything in this piece and when the sun literally DOES shine on this artwork in their dining area, this 1 metre square "story in art" really is quite stunning.


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